The Sauna Area

Hot stuff - sweat away the time, calmly and relaxed.

The sauna area offers a classic sauna, sanarium, herbal sauna and an infrared cabin.


Classisc Sauna

For all those who like it really hot - at around 90° C. And afterwards, with deep breaths, take in the pure mountain air.


The sanarium is an ideal alternative for those who find the classic sauna too hot and dry. With a temperature of around 65° C and a controlled humidity of max. 55 %, you can relax in a particularly gentle and tranquil atmosphere. In addition, the integrated coloured lighting system has a harmonising effect on the soul.

Herbal Sauna

Our region offers numerous aromas, woods, herbs, flowers and rocks that can be incorporated in the well-being experience and spa world. The relaxing energies from earth and plants, in a pleasant warmth of around 75° C, provide fragrant and peaceful moments in this sauna.

Infrared Cabin

The healthy but invisible thermal radiation from the sun is known as 'infrared'. People need this infrared radiation to feel good. The radiation increases the body temperature by 1 to 2° C. The noticeable internal warmth stimulates the circulation, raises the metabolism, relieves muscle tension, ensures soft skin and the intake of oxygen is increased. Due to its low temperature, infrared radiation is particularly gentle on the cardiovascular system and circulation.

Opening times

Our sauna complex is open daily from 11.30 - 19.30 hrs.