Our professionally trained and sensitive masseurs ensure a carefree sense of well-being.


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Types of Massage

Back Massage

20 min.
€ 22.00

Full Massage

30 min.
€ 28.00

Lymphatic Drainage

30 min.
€ 28.00


A pleasant leg massage with diuretic effects.

25 min.
€ 25.00

Connective Tissue Massage

This massage deals with the reflexes in the back – a deep massage for treating problems.

30 min.
€ 28.00

Sports Massage

A powerful massage for deep relief.

30 min.
€ 28.00

Foot-Reflex Massage

A reflex-zone massage that has an effect on all organs in the body

30 min.
€ 28.00

Royal Massage

The queen of massages with warm aromatic body oil.
Shut your eyes, and abandon yourself to the lovely aroma, the quiet sounds and the gently hands.

60 min.
€ 56.00