Festivities & Celebrations at Rostenstock

A celebration with close friends or a larger reception - You have reason to celebrate and we have the appropriate venue.

Often the reason for a celebration is very significant and associated with something very specific that people will want to remember. Memories that need to be well packaged and come from an event appropriate to that special occasion. We will be pleased to provide a quotation according to your own individual needs.


Family celebrations, a formal dinner, evenings with friends - enjoyable moments to remember and treasure.

Conferences and Corporate Events

The closeness of Memmingen Airport (approx. 45 min drive) allows you to invite your valuable business contacts, from as far away as Hamburg, for fireside business meetings. Or are you planning to develop goals with a small team, whilst at the same time promoting sportsmanship? A meeting is always a significant moment for a company. This requires many different inputs; "time" is also an important aspect that needs to be optimised. We will be pleased to support you in planning and running things, so that your event is based on optimising the time available.