Nordic Walking & Jogging

Five places, one Nordic-Fitness Sportpark: Balderschwang, Bolsterlang, Fischen, Obermaiselstein and Ofterschwang established this 'Sports Temple' together.

The people of the 'Hörnerdörfer' are predestined to practice running and walking sports. 

When you add sticks to this, the amount of calories burnt increases by up to 46 %. This sport - known as Nordic Walking - is not only suitable for active and competitive sports men and women , but also for beginners. It exercises the whole body, gently training the entire musculoskeletal system.

Regardless of whether in winter or summer, you can do this sport the whole year round!

Interactive Walking & Jogging Map

Here you can discover routes as far as the eye can see...

Nordic Walking in the Allgäu Mountains

Nordic Walking has many different faces in Allgäu, made possible by the three climatic zones.

Nordic-Fitness Sportpark Nodic-Walking Tips