Cycling & Mountain Biking in Allgäu

For guests who enjoy cycling, many of the best tours that Allgäu has to offer are on the hotel's doorstep. The extensive network of trails is sure to offer the perfect route for all types of cyclists.

... and the best part is: There is a dream route for each type of cyclist!

Cycle & MTB Tours

The region offers many attractive legs and destinations. Arrive rather than journey is the motto here.
In addition, an electronic 'tail wind' is available for all types of bikes, since electric bikes can be hired in Hörnerdörfer. For this there are tips for biking with route profiles and map extracts.

Ideas for tours

MTB & Cycle Trails

Mountain bikers will find everything here - from easy routes to really challenging ones. Leisure cyclists are also well provided for. For example, the Iller Cycleway, where you can cycle along the wildly romantic River Iller to Oberstdorf, or in a northerly direction even as far as Kempten, is not far from the hotel.

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MTB, eBike & Cycle Hire

Those wanting the convenience of hiring a "bike" locally will find a full professional! Qualified staff will make choosing your desired bike easier for you. So if you are looking for a specialist, you'll find everything here: from repair services, custom bikes, bikes for children and young people to accessories.