Chronicle & History

Hotel Rosenstock has been family owned since it was built.

How it all began

Its builders, Alfons and Maria Karg, took over 'Gasthof Krone' in Fischen in 1930. In the spirited early 1950s, the Kargs began building their guesthouse - "Haus Rosenstock im Sonnengrund" in Berger Weg, which was finished and opened in 1954.


Alfons Karg

The personality of Alfons Karg – who also influenced Fischen's fortunes as mayor from 1952 – 1962 – and the charisma of his wife Maria created an attractive atmosphere for guests and ensured the increasing popularity of "Rosenstock".


A Family Business

The advantages offered by a family business were soon felt as daughter Elvira and son Elmar were growing up and took on their first duties. The all too early loss of both parents within a period of 6 years resulted in son Elmar taking over the hotel in 1964.


Rosenstock in Changing Times

Together with his wife Ursula, he created what is today's Rosenstock in various construction phases. Improvements to the main building, an increase in the number of rooms and enhancements such as terraces, an indoor pool and sauna, together with redevelopment of the public areas, have resulted in a new "home form home" for the many guests.