Alpine Mountain Tours

There are, of course, countless opportunities for mountain tours and hikes in the Allgäu Alps - also of every difficulty. But Southern Bavaria and Oberallgäu in particular is the starting point for two very special high-altitude walks and Alpine crossings, which we would like to tell you about:

Let your car take a couple of days "vacation" and take advantage of the wonderful starting location for unforgettable moments in the Alps.

The Heilbronn Trail

The 'Heilbronner Weg' is one of the classic high-level trails in the Alps. It passes over the main ridge of the Allgäu Alps at an altitude of about 2,500 metres. Narrow tracks, a ladder, a bridge, breathtaking views below and sections with steel safety rope give the Heilbronner Weg the characteristics of a Via Ferrata.
With ascent and descent, the tour requires two to three days.

The classic route begins with an ascent from Einödsbach in Obertsdorf. 'Rappenseehütte' is reached via Enzianhütte (1790 m). The following day there is a steep climb through a rock crevice, known as "Heilbronner Törle" up to Kleine Steinscharte. Via a ladder and a bridge, the route follows the path to the summit crest of the Allgäu main ridge. From Bockkarscharte it is possible to descend to 'Waltenberger-Haus' and on down to Einödsbach. Many alpinists extend the actual Heilbronn trail from Bockkarscharte to 'Kemptner Hütte'. From here the descent leads to Spielmannsau. By descending via Waltenberger-Haus you reach the starting point – car-free Einödsbach.

The E5 Long-Distance Footpath to Meran

For anyone completing it, the Alpine crossing from Oberstdorf to Meran will be an unforgettable experience!
Crossing the Alps on Foot!

Most probably both an adventure and challenge at the same time! Surrounded sometimes by gentle, often imposing, in many places fairy-tale, but also formidable mountains, this tour is a particular Alpine highlight!
The typical flora of the Allgäu Alps and steep grassy slopes, breathtaking views of the striking formations in the Lechtal Alps, the impressive glaciers and huge mountains in the central Alps and the climate in Meran, which is already Mediterranean, make this tour an unforgettable experience.

Basic information about the tour:

At 3,019 metres, 'Similaunhütte' on Niederjoch is the highest point of the trans-Alpine route. Proficient alpinists with experience on snow and ice will probably not want to miss the nearby Similaun summit, thereby increasing their maximum no. of points on the tour to 3,599 metres. Afterwards, the final valley descent of the multi-day tour eventually reaches Meran, at 325 metres above sea level. With the site of the Ötzi mummy discovery, Niederjoch provides a further highlight of the Alpine crossing.  Zammer Loch, with a descent of about 1,800 meters, is a personal high point for the thighs! From 'Braunschweiger Hütte' for the original Alpine stage of the E5 long-distance footpath via Passeiertal to Bozen. On average, each day involves an altitude difference of between 800 and 1,200 metres and a distance of about 10 to 20 kilometres.